Wireless serial

 wireless serial port features:

No need to install drivers;Easy to use once configured for access to the network;Hardware settings are not lost when power is turned off, no need to set multiple times;The built-in web page can be configured at any time.

Wireless serial port PC page description

Device Infos


Device Infos:
  • CPUID:the CPUID of this device.

  • CPU speed:the operating frequency of this device.

  • UP time:the device continues to run after power-on,power down or restart from zero.

  • RAM useage:this device memory usage.

  • Local time:the network time obtained after the device is properly connected to the network,set on the 'Hardware Parameters' page

  • Time zone: (for example, China: 8 in Dongba District),

  • Time server address (default is recommended).

Serial setup
  • Baud rate:when this device communicates with other devices' serial ports,need to be consistent.

  • Serial setup:when this device communicates with other devices' serial ports,need to be consistent.

Send Message


Basic description
  • Terminal button: Terminal mode (default), can interact with Linux devices through the serial port with command data.It will become the serial port debugging mode for linux.

  • Clear button: Clean up the data received/issued on the screen.

  • Fix screen: Calibrate the terminal line number sequence so that the page data is neatly arranged.[disable in serial debugging mode]

  • Disabled Kernel Output: Turn off the output of the Ntablet kernel. [unique to the built-in version , disabled in serial debugging mode]

Linux mode
  • When the terminal view gets the cursor,you can directly operate on the Linux command line.Support for nano, vi, gedit and other commands.

Serial port mode
  • Send button:click to send the data.

  • HEX(show):the HEX format displays the serial port data received and sent.

  • HEX(send):the HEX format sends and receives serial port data.

Hardware Setup


Hardware information:
  • AP Mac address:MAC address used by AP mode.

  • STA Mac address:the MAC address used by the SAT mode.

Hardware setup:
  • Hardware local username:use the password to log in to this device,if the device supports MQTT, it is also part of the verification.

  • Hardware local password:same as local username.

  • Ap_ssid and host name:hotspots issued by this device in AP mode,access to built-in web pages.

Network mode:
  • AP mode:this device itself emits hotspots to allow other devices to access,access the built-in web for operational use.

  • Station mode:connect to WiFi,after the connection is successful, you can use the browser, PC, mobile phone, etc. (not supporting IOS, MAC system),enter Sta_IP to access the built-in web and use it.

  • Mix (STA+AP):support the above two.

  • Time server address:recommended by default,also configure the time zone to display the current time for the local time zone.

  • Time zone:combined with the time server, the current time is displayed.

  • Sync recurrence (minutes):synchronize with network time.

Hardware Network AP:
  • AP password:the password for this device SSID (hostname).

  • AP DHCP:AP mode DHCP service switch.

  • IP address of the AP:AP address. (No special requirements, recommended default)

  • Netmask of the AP:AP mask. (No special requirements, recommended default)

STA Network :
  • Router SSID:the name of the WiFi to connect to.

  • Scan button:after clicking, scan WiFi around this device.

  • Router password: the password to connect to WiFi.

  • Router MAC address:to connect to the wifi MAC address.

  • STA DHCP:STA mode DHCP switch(after closing, use static IP to set STA_IP, STA_Gateway, STA_Subnet Mask, STA_DNSIP).

  • STA IP:the IP address assigned after accessing WiFi,you can use the PC, mobile phone, etc,under the same network to access this address and use it for web operations.

  • STA gateway:(no special requirements, recommended default)

  • STA netmask:(No special requirements, recommended default)

  • STA DNS:setting this DNSIP requires STA_DHCP to be turned off.

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